Do you want $500?

I know…It sounds too good to be true.
It’s not though, so if you want a guaranteed $500 keep reading this and watch the video to hear from GRant CARDONE .

Do you want to increase you numbers in 2019 and learn from the best?


My goal as you preferred lender and partner is to help increase you sales, provide the best customer service, and have enjoy doing it as a team.






Come see Grant Cardone on December 7th from 9-12 and lets do this together as a TEAM.


We are offering discounts to our preferred partners, so please reach out to your Mclean Mortgage Loan Officer for more details.


This event will be sponsored by Mclean Mortgage and we would love to have your support.


Click on the link below to sign up and see what its all about. 


Look forward to seeing you there!!

The HyperFast Sales Bootcamp featuring
Grant Cardone is rapidly approaching.

As if getting to learn from the number one sales trainer in the world isn’t enough, We have something even more amazing to tell you. 

Sean Fritts, from Mclean Mortgage Corp., will be speaking at the HyperFast Sales Bootcamp. In case you do not know Sean (click here to meet him), out of the $300k plus loan originators in the nation, he was the 58th ranked loan officer.  He is the best of the best and closed over $125 million in loans in 2017, and this year will be his 3rd straight year of going over the century mark! 

He has been a Top 40 under 40, Executive Team member @ MMC HQ, manager of MMC’s Builder Division, and built a lending business with multiple sources of income - all while having an amazing family and life. If you are in real estate, lending or sales then hearing from Sean at this event will help you take your business to the next level.

I know the value you will get out of learning from Sean,
and it will far exceed the cost of your ticket.

I know your return will at least be a 10X, but probably more like 100X or greater. I wanted make the value you got from Sean even more valuable though. I wanted to make this decision a no-brainer for you. So I asked Sean to create even more value for you and he delivered. Actually he over-delivered.

Sean has a $500 gift he his giving EVERYONE who attends the HyperFast Sales Bootcamp. It’s the type of gift that only someone doing $100,000,000 in loans could give at this scale. If you attend the HyperFast Sales Bootcamp, Sean will give you a $500 appraisal certificate to use on a home loan.

Better yet, you can use this gift for yourself or
transfer it to one of your clients!

So before Sean ever takes the stage, you are getting a 5X return on your investment. After he takes the stage though, that return on your investment is going to skyrocket to at least a 10X, but probably 100X or even 1,000X!

It’s pretty rare to get the chance to make an investment like this in yourself and get an immediate return.
However, we wanted to make this a no-brainer decision and Sean delivered.

We can’t wait to see you there!
In the meantime, if you would like to learn a
little more about me, watch the video below:

Questions about the HyperFast Sales Bootcamp, hit me up below and I will give you call so we can chat about the incredible value of this event!

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